27.07.2019 - Nikolai Antipov - Reading time ~2 Minutes

What actually happened?

My TV stop working at some point in time. The red dot does not light up and nothing happens.

Checking what is inside

Hope to have fuse problem which could be simply fixable.


Start with two holes on the bottom for getting cover off and then pull it step by step, latch by latch.

Left Disassembly hole Right Disassembly hole

Disassembly holes

Ah, it is not a fuse issue

Here is what I saw.

Mother and power-supply boards

Mother and power-supply boards

I have checked with multimeter and it turned out that fuse is not corrupted.

Checking voltage output

Next step was checking that output voltage conforms to the declared values (it is a small table near to power connector). All outputs were fine which means the motherboard most likely is an issue.

How to solve a problem with motherboard?

Well, that could be tricky. Luckily, there are lot of motherboards available on the second market (e.g. eBay) for adequate price (~ 30 EUR). Therefore, I bought one and replaced. (in my case )

Mother and power-supply boards

Motherboards old and 'new' one

Please note, motherboard type and TV's screen size should be carefully checked (in my case bn94-12439c, ue49mu6179, 49").

Mother and power-supply boards

Motherboard serial number

Small note about remote control

Remote control could not be used together with the “new” board as they did not know each other.

Here is a tip how to initiate a remote control pairing procedure.

Hold down the “Back” and “Play/pause” buttons on the remote to start the pairing process. Keep holding the buttons down until you get a message on the TV that it is connecting/pairing with the remote.

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