Engineer's notes

GSM 7bit PDU encoding algorithm in Java

01.03.2019 - Nikolai Antipov

Text to 7-bit PDU string converter Being honest I forgot why I had written this code some time ago. I put it here from my another small blog page hosted on blogpost ( Now I remember how was it and decided to bring this piece of code, as maybe it might be useful for somebody. I wrote this code when I was working in MegaFon as part of automated testing tool for doing some tests against SMS handling billing solutions.

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Recovering of data from damaged and quickly formatted HDD

18.02.2019 - Nikolai Antipov

What actually happened? Friends asked me to check what can be done for “fixing” some “broken” hard-drive. So, what we have? Hard-drive 2.5” 500 Gi SATA; Correctly detected by Windows machine in 3 over 10 times; There are lots of pictures, images, songs, videos very important for owner and his wife in particular; Should be NTFS partition. Quick remark: I am not a professional data recovery guru, so here is just my naive experience.

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