Engineer's notes


27.07.2019 - Nikolai Antipov

What actually happened? My TV stop working at some point in time. The red dot does not light up and nothing happens. Checking what is inside Hope to have fuse problem which could be simply fixable. Disassembly Start with two holes on the bottom for getting cover off and then pull the cover step by step, latch by latch. Disassembly holes Ah, it is not a fuse issue Here is what I saw.

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GSM 7bit PDU encoding algorithm in Java

01.03.2019 - Nikolai Antipov

Text to 7-bit PDU string converter Being honest I forgot why I had written this code some time ago. I put it here from my another small blog page hosted on blogpost ( Now I remember how was it and decided to bring this piece of code, as maybe it might be useful for somebody. I wrote this code when I was working in MegaFon as part of automated testing tool for doing some tests against SMS handling billing solutions.

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Recovering of data from damaged and quickly formatted HDD

18.02.2019 - Nikolai Antipov

What actually happened? Friends asked me to check what can be done for “fixing” some “broken” hard-drive. So, what we have? Hard-drive 2.5” 500 Gi SATA; Correctly detected by Windows machine in 3 over 10 times; There are lots of pictures, images, songs, videos very important for owner and his wife in particular; Should be NTFS partition. Quick remark: I am not a professional data recovery guru, so here is just my naive experience.

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