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Hunter Secretary

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Problem statement

I have quite a number of unprocessed mails and messages in variety of communication platforms from recruiters. I respect people, but unfortunately cannot respond everyone in a fast manner. It takes time and therefore creates a back-pressure problem in a condition of consumption performance is lower than producing one.

Number of incoming messages is growing every week.


I want to read a message, review it and put a label or mark it somehow indicating appropriate type of response:

  • thank you - thank you for your message, but I am not looking for a job at the moment;
  • later (to be implemented) - additional time required for preparing a response, secretary collects messages of that kind and schedules an appointment in a calendar within available time-slot;
  • meeting (foreseeable requirement, not in the roadmap at the moment) - respond with a Google Meet link.

Some service processes those marks and labels and composes a response with additional consideration of message language and how far time-wise it was received (extra apologies).


At the moment, Gmail based solution looks the most reachable one. Since Google provides quite comprehensive API, integration looks straight-forward.

Current situation in my mailbox
Current situation in my mailbox


Nevertheless, project looks quite interesting in variety of aspects. It deals with Google auth, Gmail, language detection, markdown, HTML and general templates processing.

Project is available at Github .

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Nikolai Antipov
Nikolai Antipov
Software engineer